Outback Country Lodge Medium by Precision Pet


Give your pooch a home of his own with this rustic country lodge doghouse from Outback. This 30′ x 35′ x 32′ shelter is made from solid fir wood that can hold up to any weather. A raised floor and weatherproof liner will help keep Fido warm and dry.

Very disappointed in that I thought I was receiving a house with a liner. The website says “durable weather proof liner.” The liner is nothing more than an extra layer of wood in the roof. It also says that it comes with plastic feet and black shingles. It came with wooden feet and no shingles. If I had of known all this I would not have paid the price I did. I could have gotten the same type doghouse cheaper. I just thought I was getting a liner too.

Outback country lodge medium by precision pet1 Outback Country Lodge Medium by Precision Pet