Small Size Bunkhouse Style Dog House in Natural Cedar


Very impressed with the product. As a home builder, I was worried about the “house in a box” concept as I had planned to build dog house from scratch. Had heard complaints about other packaged dog houses. Forget those worries this product will last. Dog house took longer to get parts out of box than to assemble. Very easy, good directions, parts make good positive connection….One problem. Could not keep our 65 lb. red tick hound out of house while putting together. Nearly had to carry house and dog together to dog yard. House perfect size for 50-85 pound dog. Good product…would recommend to all who ask….

Eco-Friendly, weather-proof, durable pet home made of eCo-Flex. eCo-Flex is made from 100-percent post consumer recycled materials. eCo-Flex is insect proof, rot proof, moisture resistant. Assemble in minutes, panelized structure for no-tool assembly. Red cedar color is permanent, will not weather and can be painted. Rustproof, chrome plated steel inner structure. Medium size. Recommended for pets up to 20-pound. Flap door and custom fit padded cushion mat available

Small size bunkhouse style dog house in natural cedar1 Small Size Bunkhouse Style Dog House in Natural Cedar