Suncast DH350 Dog House

Portable Pet House with Lace Curtains in Leopard Pattern and removable pillow
  • Attractive, safe, easy-to-assemble dwelling for your dog to call home
  • Durable resin construction with crowned floor
  • For dogs up to 100 pounds
  • Easy snap-together assembly
  • Includes vinyl doors and letters to personalize with your pet?s name

I read the previous reviews AFTER ordering this dog house and was very worried about my purchase. But honestly I was shocked how WRONG a lot of the reviews were in my opinion.

My dog is an 80lb shepherd who is OUT OF CONTROL, lol, he’s a great dog but he is very large and is still a puppy so very hyper and he destorys…well… everything!!!!! and not only does he LOVE his dog house, but he has not been able to destroy it like others in their reviews mentioned. He’s jumped on it and pushed it and its still stand there just fine.

It’s basically made of thick plastic so it “seems” flimsy when you take it out of the box but once its snapped together it is quite sturdy. The first time I put it together it did seem flimsy then I realize a couple of the snaps were not fully in place, once I corrected that I have NO complains on its durability.

It is hallow, as far ss no insolation so I got a dog mat for inside and put a blanket inside but he’d rather sleep in it empty as he pulls all the bedding out every time I turn around…

Over all I think its a great dog house and worth the money!!!

I have an older dog, so didn’t want to spend a ton of money for something, not knowing how long it would be used (sadly), despite the other reviews, I wanted to find out myself. It was very simple to put together, I did not find it flimsy, maybe if all the tabs aren’t locked into place. Someone said theirs blew away in a wind storm, but it IS recommened to be fastened down, which I did, made a frame of wood and fastened it to it, seems to be very sturdy. I cut a scrap piece of carpet to fit and my dog is now in HEAVEN! Yes it isn’t insulated, but think that can be easily remedied by anyone who is a little bit handy. I think what I like the best is not having to paint it, wash it down and be done with it! It is also a very cute house.

Good House for the price. Easy Construction except for the plastic door. The hinges that hold the plastic do not stay on tight and come off easily. The house blocks the dogs from bad weather which is why I like it. I recommend putting a block of wood under the house because it is close to the ground and water can possibly get in.

Suncast dh dog house11 Suncast DH350 Dog House